Kami Axtell

CFI/CFII, COmmercial, Instrument, Multi-engine

Owner of Prestege Aviation, LLC 

Kami was raised on a family farm near Iowa Falls.  She grew up flying in a Piper Dakota with her dad who is a private pilot.  When it came time to choose a college major aviation was a natural choice. After deciding to attend flight school she enrolled at the University of Dubuque where she double majored in Aviation Management and Flight Operations. Kami graduated the University of Dubuque's Part 141 Flight School as a Commercial, Instrument, Multi-Engine rated pilot; as well as a CFI-CFII.  During her two years at the University of Dubuque she was awarded the 2007 Cessna Foundation Award, the 2007 Top Female Flight Student Award and still holds the record for lowest training hours by any student to complete thier private pilot's license. 

She started instructing full-time in 2009.  After being told by her boss that she was "training her students to too high of a level", Kami decided her student's deserved better.  So in 2011 Prestege Aviation was born.

Today Kami owns and runs Prestege Aviation based at the Iowa Falls Municipal Airport in Iowa Falls, IA. She currently has a 98% pass rate with her students. And having over 2300 hrs. of dual given logged, makes Kami one of the higher houred instructors in the area.    

Kami's goal as an instructor is not to just build hours.  She is a third generation teacher, and prides herself on providing her students with quality training.  She wants her students to walk out the door with the knowledge that they are safe, capable pilot's who are ready for whatever path they choose to take in their aviation career.